It has been a big week for music in Europe.

I didn’t miss a minute of the Eurovision Song Festival.  While my husband would call the festival tacky or cheesy, there is no doubt it has it’s very “unique” moments.  But there is also a wholesomeness that resonates with me.

Most of the songs are about love, sometimes loss,  but mostly a celebration of the heart.  Who can really resist a love song?

Of course, Italy has its own Festival that precedes Eurovision.

For as long as I can remember the San Remo Song Festival was a must-watch at my place.

Back in 1985 I remember drooling over Luis Miguel…  I was in my teens and Miguel was a fresh-faced teenager himself, but seemed so much more grown up to me then!

Luis Miguel isn’t even Italian, he is Mexican but nevertheless won the “Newcomers Division” of San Remo. Some of you may remember him?

.  Image

Check out his hit song “Ragazzi di Oggi Noi”:

Now, if you are wondering what ever became of the spunky young thing.  Well Miguel is still alive and kicking… He’s 43-years-old, a successful singer and producer and reportedly has a net worth of about $95 million.  Not bad for a career launched at cheesy old San Remo!

This year a handsome 24-year-old named Marco Mengoni took out the major prize at San Remo.


Mengoni then went onto perform the winning song, ‘L’Essenziale’  at Eurovision.  At this point, I will provide a disclaimer… The song is Italian, it is about love and it is pop.  But he looks great in the suit and I love it!

Have a listen:

And maybe, like Luis Miguel, it will be the start of a long and successful career for Mengoni?  In bocca al lupo !